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Sep 9, 2009. Kantian Deontology, Utilitarianism and Ethics of Care A Comparison of Theories, and How They Defend Human Dignity By Michael Phelan OToole (Essay 2) Mass Bay Community College Ethics PH 102 Professor Robert Tarutis December 17th, 2008 In an effort to better understand what is considered. Practice Test Essay Questions. Try to answer the. How would a deontological theorist differ from a consequentialist theorists when considering the moral status of abortion?. Utilitarianism is an ethical theory which equates the rightness or praiseworthiness of actions with their resultant pleasure or happiness. Similarly. Research Websites For Psychology Utilitarianism vs Deontology If there was an option to either torture an adolescent child to death in order to save the world from all kinds of problems Utilitarianism vs. deontology 3. population of our county by humanely euthanizing kittens that dont stand a chance of survival in the streets. Read Full Essay Save. Only available on AllBestEssays.com.

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