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Create your profile. Your profile will be reviewed and added to our database. Your contact details will not be visible and employers will not contact you directly. You can also upload your CV. Have an account? Sign in If you dont have an account you can create one below by entering your email address. Your account. Send in Resume. You can send your resume as an attachment in PDF or Word format, in English. If you have a French or Polish language version of your CV, you can send it in those languages as well. Please send your CV to Copyright 2018 Euro Labour Infusion Ltd. Theme by Theme Horse. Help With Assignment Writing Uk Reliable and adaptable General labour worker with an agreeable disposition and a stellar customer service ethic. Adept multitasker with abilities to handle a number of workplace responsibilities with accuracy and efficiency. Able to lift and carry heavy objects repeatedly and for prolonged periods of time. Core Qualifications. Find thousands of resume samples and CV examples from real professionals on VisualCV. Check out some of our General Labor resume examples and download the pdf.

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