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Formatting a Resume. There are correct and incorrect ways to format your resume in MS Word. The correct technical way will make editing easy and ensure your resume prints perfectly every time. Resumes are broken into three basic areas name and contact information, education, and work experience. Additional content. What is a Rsum? A rsum is a document which outlines your experiences and the skills you have acquired as a result. Preparing your rsum is like starring in your own commercial. Often, the first impression an employer has of you is based solely on your rsum. While there is no one right design, there are some. Bullet points and indentation make your resume easy to read and follow as opposed to. with the use of bullet points and short sentences, with description paragraphs indented in. Plain Text Resumes How to Make Them a Little Less Ugly.. and hit the spacebar three times to indent the second line. Pat Jobseeker 123 Main Street Resume Dos and Donts. with a 0.5 indent might end up on the recipients computer as a question mark with a 1 indent, throwing the entire resume off. If headings are to be flush left, highlight copy within each heading and select FORMAT PARAGRAPH and indent copy to the desired position. You can have multiple indents if desired. If headings are to be centered, highlight headings and select CENTER. The copy within each heading can be formatted as desired (for.

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Im reading this article httpwww.lifeclever.comgive-your-resume-a-face-lift Which suggests using Georgia, not Times New Roman, 1.2 line. Your resume is your first chance to make a good impression on a prospective employer. How your resume is set up can make the difference between an employer contacting. If you indent your bullet lists, make sure all bullet lists have the same indent. Pongos Resume Builder makes formatting your resume a no-brainer.