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Professional letter before action templates are a good idea to use, to ensure uniformity and professionalism in your correspondence. In order to avoid unnecessary annoyance by defaulting clients, it is advisable to first remind them of their obligation to pay. Dear Employee Name. I am pleased to share that you will receive a salary increase. This increase is effective for 12-month employee January 1, 2018 and for 9-month employee February 1, 2018. Your estimated new salary rate, annualized for 1.0 FTE and subject to rounding by the payroll system, is reflected. Holiday Pay Schedule Letter. Letter Samples for Professionals. Professional letters include a wide variety of missives - from resumes to invitations - and can be written in various tones and with various themes.

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The simple reason that you need a demand letter is to let the other side know that you are serious in your desire for payment. Many times the people that owe you money think that you wont seriously go after them for payment. However, their feelings and. Be Professional -- Do not handwrite a demand letter. Instead, use a.