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A strong air import export agent resume will demonstrate superb communication skills. Share accomplishments related to these talents to tell military personnel that you can keep shipments error-free and efficient.You also must showcase a firm grasp of TSA and U.S. Customs regulations. Because you work for the military,. A comprehensive resume helps in being a successful candidate. View our sample resume for a Marine seeking a job in law enforcement. Rsum Builder. Manually enter your information into the form fields below, or click the blue Auto-fill from LinkedIn button to prepopulate some of the fields from your LinkedIn account. Auto-fill from LinkedIn. (This section is required for Federal job applications). The best place to find information regarding your transition from a military to a civilian career is on the web! Use it effectively and your chances of finding the ideal civilian career are greatly increased. The Internet can be a powerful tool in your job searchYou can get tips on job search strategies, effective resume writing,. We depend on MilitaryHire to maintain a source for military personnel to staff our projects. has been a case of service well performed.

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