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Utk task 2 writing gt, kamu akan diminta untuk menulis essay sesuai topik yang sdh diberikan. topiknya umum! human being philosophy essays critique de la raison pure kant explication essay dissertation philo sur le travail et la technique IThnkItsTime I was just showing you that i actually understood the lesson by giving. The sense of smell is called olfaction. It starts with specialized nerve receptors located on hairlike cilia in the epithelium at the top of the nasal cavity. When we sniff or inhale through the nose, some chemicals in the air bind to these receptors. That triggers a signal that travels up a nerve fiber, through the epithelium and the. Psychology Sensation and perception work together to help us see the world. Most people use these terms as interchangeable concepts. However, they are separate functions and each compliments the other. Sensation is the process that allows the body to take in the stimuli from outside of it. For example, when we smell. Jun 19, 2017. The nose and the tongue work as a team for tasting your food - smell is very important to tasting foods. If your sense of smell isnt working properly (like when you have a cold), foods can taste very.tasteless. What a lot of work for our tongue! We might use it some more to ask mum or dad for a second serve.

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