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Womens rights essay. Thesis statement Womens role in the struggle for equal opportunities highlights the positive effects of feminism on the social reconstruction of sex and gender that was caused. The Representation of the People Act (1918) criticized the limited rights of women and continued to call for equal rights. Historical Essays. Women in Congress An Introduction. grew out of a larger womens rights movement.. helped resuscitate the push for a federal equal rights. Most people take it for granted that women and men should be treated equally, receive the same education and have equal opportunities - for example in as far as. Phyllis Schlafly, Whats Wrong with Equal Rights for Women? (1972) Of all the classes of people who ever lived, the American woman is the most privileged. We have the most rights and rewards, and the fewest duties. Our unique status is the result of a fortunate combination of circumstances. 1. We have the immense. Womans role in society and home has always been very limited. Generations have changed bringing dramatic changes in the social system, but not the subordinate.

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Jun 27, 2008. While this is going on, at home there are women who are unable to stand side by side with men and play a sport. This is unjust women being allowed to die for their country side by side with men, but unable to play side by side with men in sports events. Having equal rights in selective places isnt enough. equal right for women essaysEQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN- WELL NOT IN THE AD WORLD Women have demanded equal rights for themselves in all aspects of their lives- in the.