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This approach, variously described as a policy of self-management or self-determination, has been accompanied by government support programs managed by Aboriginal organisations. For example the Aboriginal Development Commission was established in 1980 to help further the economic and social development of. the company maine the Conservatives remained suspicious of Aboriginal self-government and reluctant toward new forms of governance that would enhance Aboriginal autonomy and collective capacities. Consider, first, poverty reduction. Since 2006, many pan-Canadian groups and organizations have called for a comprehensive federal.

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At the time this paper was written Christopher McCormick was the National Spokesman for the Native Council of Canada. By examining some of the background factors surrounding the issue of Aboriginal self-government, we can isolate some of the problems that have surfaced in the discussions and negotiations of the last. general nature of Aboriginalnon-Aboriginal relations that must be addressed as the terms of self-government are negotiated. The federal government thus far has shown itself to be responsive to Aboriginal justice initiatives which take the dominant Euro-Canadian system as its departure point, but appear unwilling and.